Thursday, June 14th – 7:30 PM @ Camelot Theatres

Philadelphia, Here I Pun (22 min.)- “With the absence of prospects at home, the people of Ireland evacuate the country at the speed of refugees in a war-torn country – a reaction to the economic meltdown for which the government’s surreal answer was to hand out free cheese. And Irish lawyer has his fill and, with a looming draconian budget and cold winter looming, quits his job and takes off on his motorbike for find a better life abroad.”

On The Way Home (56 min.)- “A man, his truck, his wife, and their beloved dog survive in post-communist Russia, making the most of life in this road film about a part of the world that is little seen in the West.”

Two great films that will cool you from the summer heat and at the same time, warm your hearts.

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