Thursday, May 17th – 7:30 PM @ Camelot Theatres

The first, a short film entitled Among Giants, tells the story of Farmer, a direct action environmental activist in his late 20s, who decides to tree-sit in the McKay Tract — a 60-acre grove of ancient redwoods that is home to spotted owls, deer, flying squirrels, and countless other life forms, to protest the Green Diamond Resource Company’s clearcutting of redwood forests, devastating habitats and leaving scars across the land. The film uses a verite style that reflects the pace of life in the tree village, shows the forest from Farmer’s perspective, and questions what it means to make personal sacrifices for a larger cause.

The feature film for the month of May is called Ordinary Joe . Meet Joe Sciacca. He’s a regular guy – a beer drinking, blue-collar roofer and Vietnam War veteran from Long Island, New York – an ordinary Joe by all appearances. But contrary to appearances, this “Ordinary Joe” has a life purpose that proves to be anything but average. Driven by complex motives, Joe annually returns to Vietnam, traveling its back alleys and country roads, seeking out the poor, diseased and disabled, and offers them his unique brand of aid and hope. By taking a “do-it-yourself” approach this brash New Yorker has become an unlikely champion to a far away and seemingly forgotten people.

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