At a remote Mojave Desert high school, extraordinary educators believe that empathy and life skills, more than academics, give at ­risk students command of their own futures.  This coming ­of age drama watches education combat the crippling effects of poverty in the lives of these so-­called “bad kids.”

The Bad Kids is an observational documentary that chronicles one extraordinary principal’s mission to realize the potential of these students whom the system has deemed lost causes.  Employing a verité approach during a year at the school, the film follows Principal Vonda Viland as she coaches three at-risk teens––a new father who can’t support his family, a young woman grappling with sexual abuse, and an angry young man from an unstable home––through the traumas and obstacles that rob them of their spirit and threaten their goal of a high school diploma.

This will be a one time screening event followed by a Q&A with the cast and crew.

Tickets can be purchased at the link below