Learn about cannabis as medicine and its application and promise in treating cancer symptoms, study and usage for HIV/AIDS and other life threatening illnesses.

Speaker – Michael D. Steward, MD

Michael D. Steward, MD, has been a licensed physician for more than 20 years. Board Certified in Family Practice, he specialized in HIV Medicine, Hospice and Palliative Care. Currently he is training in Cannabinoid Medicine, and has completed courses from The University of Vermont, The Massachusetts Medical Society, The University of California San Francisco, and The Medical Cannabis Institute and is keenly interest in, and working toward, testing antitumor effects of different stains of cannabis on patient specific cancer cells. He is a member of the Academy of Family Practice and Society of Cannabis Clinicians. Dr. Steward owned and operated the largest Family Practice specializing in HIV Care in a five state region based in Denver, Colorado, and served on multiple HIV Pharmaceutical Advisory Boards. He was the HIV consultant for a Medical Residency in Anchorage, Alaska and a faculty preceptor for a Medical Residency in Denver.

As Medical Director for a large Hospice in Palm Springs, California, he was responsible for patient care, consulted with attending physicians, provided guidance to staff, and educated practicing physicians along with other healthcare professionals. Earlier in his career, Dr. Steward was a Firefighter, taught Paramedicine and Fire Science at a community college and worked to develop a quality of life index to assess the subjective impact of music therapy on terminally ill patients. Dr. Steward received a bachelor’s degree from Vassar College, a medical degree from the University of Colorado and was graduated from the Provenant Mercy Family Medicine Residency Program in Denver.