Dr Frank D'AmbrosioReviewing evidence regarding cannabis and its impact on children with autism, epilepsy, and other life-threatening medical issues. Speaker: Dr Frank D’Ambrosio is one of the US’ leading voices for medicinal cannabis policy reform. Through his medical practice, he aims to empower and educate people on the benefits of the substance for countless ailments helping those in need.

Five years ago, Dr Frank became fascinated with the science of cannabis and its success in relieving medical conditions such as depression and head trauma. After 30 years of treating patients as an orthopedic surgeon, many of whom would never find relief from their chronic pain, Dr. Frank decided to dedicate his practice to helping patients through medical marijuana. His practice now counsels patients all over the country on a daily basis.

Aside from advocating medical marijuana, Dr Frank is a father, husband, Ramones fan and lover of flamingos. Caring, knowledgeable and a little outspoken Dr Frank knows this business inside out.