There are wine tours, brewery tours and now cannabis tours. Cannabis tourism in on the verge of becoming a very lucrative business across the globe.

Speaker: Keiko Beatie has been a practitioner of Ayurvedic, Chinese and Holistic Medicine since the 1970’s. Her passion for the plant has expanding with focusing on education to the community for patient care. She speaks at many mainstream and cannabis conference across the country on topics of edibles, topicals, patient care, minorities in cannabis, how to create a business in cannabis, just to name a few. Her background, education and knowledge on the plant has assisted many to be able to be in this industry and community, but most of all heal themselves from many serious diseases. She is a Board Member of Norml OC, Director of Education for Coral Cove Cannabis Jamaica, created the first cannabis based TV network on Roku TV The US Weed Chanel, former Leadership Women Grow, Instructor at CCI Cannabis Career Institute, Contributing Writer at Sensi Magazine, Pineapple Magazine and formally Edibles Magazine, Co-Host at Hemp Radio and now co-writing a book with Ed Roenthal set for release in April of 2018. Her mission statement is “Acceptance and legalization through education and outreach”. Patient Care is the goal! Check out: Coral Cove Cannabis Health & Wellness Resort * Jamaica and interview with Dr. Frank.


Speaker:  Leila Ali, Kush Tourism