Higher Ground Yoga Class

Cannabis Enhances Your Yoga Flow.   (90 minutes)

The ultimate yoga experience taught by Allie Edison, RN, RYT with Higher Ground Yoga. Outdoors at the Movie Colony Guest House. Address will be sent post purchase. Local raw organic juice, spring water and cannabis topical discussion.

My relationship with yoga and cannabis began on a quest for self healing. I mindfully infuse cannabis into the yoga practice to decrease pain and heal trauma. My intention is to meet individuals at their comfort level, honoring where each of us are along our paths. I am a registered nurse with 17 years of experience with seniors. My yoga classes are inspired by vinyasa, restorative, ayurveda and trauma-informed yoga trainings. I’m also trained in Transcendental Meditation. I’ll be teaching a gentle flow class to bring peace, balance and harmony into our daily lives! I’ll be sharing a discussion on topical cannabis. Connect your spirit to the spirit of the plant and bring your whole self to life!