Hemp is back and transforming agriculture, medicine, building materials, fuel, and food.

Panel Speaker – Patrick Goggin is a Senior Attorney at Hoban Law Group (HLG). He has waged battle on the front-lines of industrial hemp and general cannabis reform for two decades. Earning an Environmental Law Certificate from Lewis and Clark Law School in Portland, Oregon, Mr. Goggin was admitted to the California Bar in 1996. Based in San Francisco, he served as co-counsel in the seminal HIA v. DEA cases in the early 2000s and teamed with HLG on its pending challenge to DEA’s “marijuana extract” rule in the Ninth Circuit on behalf of the HIA. Later, Mr. Goggin led the industry effort with Senator Mark Leno in 2013 to finally pass California’s Industrial Hemp Farming Act after three vetoes.

Mr. Goggin began working on medical cannabis regulation in San Francisco in 2005 when the City commenced its regulation of dispensaries. Since then, he has represented clients throughout Northern California on compliance issues and permitting of all facets of medical cannabis activity. He served on San Francisco’s Medical Cannabis Task Force from 2010-11.

Presently, Mr. Goggin sits on Vote Hemp’s board and is working to implement hemp research in California. He recently joined Hoban Law Group full-time and continues to advise clients on all forms of cannabis compliance. With a long history of litigating, Mr. Goggin is a trained mediator and has a respected reputation as a dispute resolution specialist.



Panel Speaker – Colleen Keahey Lanier, Executive Director Hemp Industries Association (HIA) Colleen K. Lanier entered the industrial hemp scene in 2013 when she approached the Hemp Industries Association (HIA) to develop a state chapter program to bolster advocacy efforts in Tennessee. As a former legal assistant turned publishing and marketing coordinator for a water and wastewater trade association, Colleen dedicated her talent and executed a successful strategy to legalize hemp in Tennessee. The campaign included a widely shared educational component that reached 20 million people on social media. In 2014, Vote Hemp recruited as National Outreach Coordinator. She’s worked with activists, policy writers, regulators, legislators and industry stakeholders to identify pathways for the hemp industries.

In 2017, Colleen became Executive Director of the HIA. She works with the Board of Directors to lead the vision and execute strategies for the association in the interest of the hemp industries. Protecting opportunities for hemp in agriculture and commerce remain a critical focus. Colleen led the engagement with Hoban Law Group to facilitate swift board action resulting in HIA v. DEA III. Colleen is also working to establish a legal defense fund for the industries and envisions the normalization of hemp farming and the crop’s commodities in the marketplace and the home.