Artist-In-Residence Program

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Update: The mural is complete and it looks amazing! Thank you to our Artist-In-Residence Eyoälha Baker, and to everyone who participated in front of the camera and behind scenes. Your joyful energy really is contagious.

…… and the joy continues! Come visit the mural and take your own Jump For Joy selfie. Let’s make this the Most Instagrammable Place in Palm Springs. Tag us in the photo:

Photos Are Now For Sale! You can purchase your photo that was featured on Eyoälha’s website, and you can also purchase the photo that appears on the actual mural. In some cases they are the same, but for others you may have a choice between a solo and a group photo. Lucky you, take two! Click here to Order Photos. Please include your name, phone number and email so that we can contact you when your order is ready. If you can’t remember the photo that was featured online, click here. While you scroll through to find your photo, take a few minutes to read about some of the other people who participated. Their stories and words of wisdom are wonderful! If you want to order someone else’s photo, as a gift or just because its a cool image, you can do that too. Just give us the name of the person in the photo and we’ll be happy to oblige. 

About The Jump For Joy Photo Project

The Palm Springs Cultural Center announces Eyoälha Baker as its inaugural Artist In Residence. During her 4-month residency, Baker will create a large-scale public art mural, Jump For Joy Photo Project, from hundreds of photos she’ll take of people from all walks of life throughout the Coachella Valley, each one jumping for joy. The mural will be created on the façade of the Camelot Theatre, newly named The Palm Springs Cultural Center. The result is an urban art intervention that promises to be a contagious burst of joyful energy for all who experience it, and a powerful cultural mosaic reflective of the full diversity people who live here.

Jump for Joy Photo Project is a global project  based on the belief that joy is contagious and uses public art as the way to inspire joy on a mass scale. The artist photographs individuals jumping, with the intention of capturing the uniqueness of personal character and the uplifting, powerful energy of joy. The photos are shot in a variety of locations that highlight the cityscape and the individual’s real-life experience within it. The joyful energy is shared collectively by creating a large-scale public art intervention that reflects and celebrates the cultural mosaic of the community. The mural, composed of hundreds of individual photos, often has a visceral impact on those who come upon it, inspiring the exponential sharing of joy through an endless number of selfies and social media postings of passers-by. Jump For Joy Photo Project is uniquely positioned to bridge what divides us by celebrating what unites us – the human capacity for joy. For more information visit Jump For Joy Photo Project

 About The Artist

Eyoälha Baker is a passionate artist, photographer, muralist, public speaker, and the creative behind the Jump for Joy! Photo Project. Eyoälha has spent over five years taking photographs of people from all walks of life, jumping into the air to capture the energy of their individual joy and then sharing it the wider community through large-scale public art projects which have garnered international praise and inspired people worldwide. Her images and writing have been published internationally, and she was a recent keynote speaker at TEDx. She holds a BFA with Honours from Concordia University, a Media Resources Diploma and attended LAMP International Business Management Program at Capilano University.

About The Artist-In-Residence Program

New in 2018, the Artist in Residence program brings emerging artists of merit from around the world to the Coachella Valley to create art interventions inspired by their experience here. In addition to their creative work, artists will engage students, seniors and the local artistic community through master classes and public talks, providing an opportunity for creative and cultural exchange meaningful to the artists practice and our community.